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1975 is a golden era for Silambam in Malaysia. This is because the Malaysian Parliament has enacted this year's law to restructure and register all martial arts organizations in the country.


Unfortunately, Silambam has not been developed by any individual or organization at that time. Hence the encouragement of the late Mahaguru Tuan S. Arumugam and for his hard work YBhg. Datuk V. L. Kandan, MIC Youth Chief then, the Association of Silambam Malaysia was registered on 22 February 1977 with its registration number 1994 (Selangor). The constitution is also provided.


It was subsequently registered under the Sports Development Act 1997, on 27 October 2002 with its registration number 1146 / 2002. Now the Silambam Association of Malaysia has 13 Affiliates at the State level and 3 in the Federal Territory of Malaysia.




  1. Attract more young people to join the Silambam Association of Malaysia as a member.

  2. Ensure clubs are set up in all areas by 2020.

  3. Produce more leaders capable of managing the Malaysian Silambam Association by 2020.




  1. Establish a global relationship so that Silambam can achieve international sports.

  2. Strengthen the relationship between the union, the government and the private sector so that the activities of the Silambam Society of Malaysia can be implemented jointly.

  3. Promote the establishment of Silambam Societies in all Asian countries. This will open up opportunities for Silambam to join the ASEAN Games.

  4. Producing Silambam athletes who can compete in the Malaysian Games (SUKMA), SEA Games, ASIA Games and at the Olympics.

  5. Has a large training area that can accommodate more than 2,000 people.


  1. Produce Silambam athletes who will take on the challenges of the 2020 vision and the National Sports Policy.

  2. Want to work with the International Silambam Body.

  3. Implementing more community activities in the interests of all.

  4. Advancing Silambam in terms of sports and art.

  5. Develop and advance Silambam as an effective way to build the spiritual and physical community so that they are disciplined and self-reliant.

  6. Contribute to the country in the government's efforts to overcome the hibernation and create a developed and equitable nation as illustrated in Vision 2020.

  7. Provide training and courses for Silambam athletes to enable them to become more professional in Silambam.

  8. Provide training and courses for Silambam trainers to enable them to teach Silambam athletes more firmly.

  9. Provide leadership courses to Master Committee members to enable them to become capable leaders.

  10. Obtain advisory services from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in all programs to be implemented.

  11. Obtain the services and advice of the National Sports Council in the championships to be held.

  12. Provide clinics to modernize the Silambam approach.

  13. Conducting regional and national level meetings to achieve a vision of the State's vision.

  14. Providing and receiving services and advice, providing technical assistance to any association that needs assistance.


The Silambam Society of Malaysia is a sports organization. All means and forms of movement are based on professionalism, trustworthiness, sincerity and loyalty.

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