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Silambam is a kind of martial arts and excellence for Tamil people around the world. Researchers argue that Silambam has existed since 5000 years ago, from the pre-historic times and before the Aryans to India.


Therefore Silambam is regarded as the oldest martial art in the world. Silambam is an art of 64 types of art outlined by the traditional Tamil community as being learned to be perfect human beings.


Nevertheless, Silambam is not scientific in the past. The passage of time has modernized and strengthened Silambam in line with the circumstances and interests of the times. Exercises and techniques of sticking Silambam sticks and so have been levelled accurately.


During the development of Buddhism, Silambam was brought to China and Japan by Buddhist monks in particular, Bodhidharma had defended Silambam in the city of Sang Han, Wei Province in Northern China. Silambam has experienced rapid development in the early 16th century.


It became fundamental and important for physical strength in military training before being taught the sword. Silambam has grown to Southeast Asia from 1000 to 1500 years ago. This development was the result of the efforts of Tamil kings from India who travelled to the region.


By the end of the 14th century, Tamil workers from India were taken to Malaya by British colonists. These workers have taken Silambam to Malaya. Nevertheless, teachers who have been teaching Silambam can only be detected since 1920 alone. During World War II, Silambam became popular in Kuala Selangor, Kapar and Kelang.


Because Silambam is an art brought to Malaya from the outside, it is not recognized by law under western colonization. Silambam, therefore, needs to be taught in secret, in the woods and in places where people are not traversed.


  1. Silambam means no weapons and weapons movement such as wooden sticks, swords, tombs and so on. Silambam is also defined as championship talent, action to scare others, tactical actions and twisting sticks.

  2. The initial expertise in Silambam is "building a house". Here experts will set footsteps number 16, 32, 64 and so on to put the enemy under his control before poaching him.

  3. The following expertise is the skill of bent, nimble, talent and throat by acting without moving the body and moving the body in four situations, namely head, shoulders, waist and legs without one hand or both hands to be lethargic.


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